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Yaqoob Scholarships., a well-known nonprofit dedicated to advancing human rights, has joined up with, a Canadian company, to launch the Yaqoob Scholarships. These scholarships are intended to give eligible students from Ghana the essential support they need to advance their education and reskill in the disciplines of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).


The Yaqoob Scholarships were created with the kind assistance of Dr. Tayyab Qazi, CEO of, and Dr. Junaid Qazi, President and Director of DataSkillz. They are intended to help Ghanaian students realize their full potential and pave the path for a better future.



  • The Yaqoob Scholarships are open to students from Ghana who demonstrate exceptional potential and a genuine interest in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI.

To be eligible, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Nationality: Applicants must be citizens of Ghana.
  • Academic Performance: Students should have a strong academic track record and demonstrate a commitment to their studies.
  • Field of Study: The scholarships are specifically intended for students pursuing education or careers in Data Science, Machine Learning, or AI.
  • Financial Need: Preference will be given to students from underprivileged backgrounds who require financial assistance to pursue their education.



By offering 5 scholarships of 500CAD each, the program provides financial assistance to deserving students who are eager to enhance their skills and knowledge in these cutting-edge fields.

Through the Yaqoob Scholarships, selected students will have access to customized training programs, educational resources, and mentorship opportunities, enabling them to develop their expertise and excel in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. The aim is to empower students to become future leaders and change-makers in these rapidly evolving fields.




1. Click here to apply

2. To apply for the Yaqoob Scholarships, eligible students must complete the online application form, which can be accessed through the official website

3. Along with the application, students will be required to submit the following:

4. Personal Information: Contact details, educational background, and any relevant certifications or achievements.

5. Statement of Purpose: A written statement describing their passion for Data Science, Machine Learning, or AI, and how the scholarship will contribute to their educational and career goals.

6. Academic Records: Transcripts or any other supporting documents that showcase their academic performance and achievements.

7. Financial Documentation: Students from underprivileged backgrounds may need to provide evidence of their financial need, such as income certificates or proof of family income.


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