About Us

About Us

Welcome to our Baby Name House, Lahangahouse.com. This blog was created to show the secret meanings, origin and gender with history of every name available.

Have you ever wondered what meaning there was behind the names given to our children? Names are important; they are the first word that your child hears, they can affect their personality and mannerisms, and choosing the right name could even be more difficult than picking out the perfect outfit! Are you having trouble figuring out what to name your baby? Look no further because this website will teach and show you how to uncover the true meaning of baby names through numerology!

Baby names have always held special meaning, often hinting at what the parents might have had in mind when they decided on the name. But if you’re curious about more than just its origin, baby names and numerology can give you an insight into the personality of your baby or toddler-to-be and reveal the reason behind their name, too. Here in this blog we share some numerology tips to help you uncover the meaning of your baby’s name!

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