Thug Passion Drink – Classic Cocktail Recipe

Thug Passion Drink is a classic cocktail by 2Pac Shakur. Learn the history and facts; easy thug passion drink recipe and ingredients to make yours at home.

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Thug Passion Drink

Thug Passion Drink is a mind-blowing, taste bud tickling cocktail that you can make in your own home in no time at all!

Not only that, but Thug Passion Drink gives you the energy and focus you need to finish any task without the jitters or crash that comes from other caffeinated beverages like coffee.

Tupac Shakur’s eponymous song “Thug Passion” (from his 1996 album All Eyez on Me) makes reference to the Thug Passion cocktail.

The Thug Passion drink has only two ingredients: the Alizé, a line of flavored liqueurs, and Cristal Champagne, a well-known and expensive champagne brand.

In a pinch, or for those of us who cannot (or will not) afford Cristal, simply use any generic champagne (it is, after all, called Thug Passion and not Baller Passion).

2Pac Shakur briefly highlighted the drink recipe in first line of the song lyrics, “Aight, new drink, One part Alizé, one part Cristal, Thug’s Passion, baby.”

Thug Passion Drink Recipe

Thug Passion Drink

presents this unique Thug Passion Drink Recipe, a popular American Cocktail. It takes less than to prepare .

Ingredients needed for Thug Passion Drink

  • 3 oz Ailze Gold Passion, chilled
  • 3 oz Cristal Champagne, chilled

How to make Thug Passion Drink step by step

  1. Pour chilled Alize into Champagne Flute Glass
  2. Top with Brut Champagne
  3. Alternatively, pour ingredients over ice into an old-fashioned glass, stir, and serve.

Servings: 2

Recipe Video: How to make Thug Passion Drink

Video Title: How to make Thug Passion Drink

Learn how to make thug passion drink. This is a video on how to prepare your thug passion drink.

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