Skill-UP Artisans (SUPA): Revolutionizing Skill Acquisition in Nigeria

SUPA skill acquisition

Skill-UP Artisans (SUPA). Join the SUPA revolution and be a part of Nigeria’s journey towards a prosperous future.


SUPA, short for Skill-UP Artisans, is a groundbreaking initiative by the Federal Government and the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) that aims to transform the lives of 10 million artisans in Nigeria through up-skilling, licensing, and empowerment.

President Tinubu’s Vision: President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, is a trailblazer committed to the Renewed Hope Agenda of his administration. His vision for Nigeria’s economic development and poverty reduction includes providing gainful employment opportunities for the country’s vibrant youth population. President Tinubu recognizes the significance of supporting artisans and fostering industrial growth by nurturing a highly skilled workforce.



SUPA is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance service delivery by certifying and licensing artisans, thereby fostering the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. By ensuring a pool of skilled individuals, SUPA aims to reduce the reliance on imported labor and bolster domestic industries.



Within a span of two years, SUPA aims to empower 10 million hard-working Nigerians. This ambitious goal reflects the government’s unwavering commitment to fueling economic development and enhancing the standard of living for citizens across all industries.

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SUPA’s impact extends beyond individual artisans; it has a ripple effect on the entire economy. By equipping artisans with the necessary skills and certifications, SUPA contributes to a productive and competitive workforce, ultimately fostering economic growth and prosperity.



SUPA recognizes that skill acquisition is a key driver of social mobility and inclusivity. By providing opportunities for artisans to enhance their skills, SUPA breaks down barriers and creates pathways for socio-economic advancement, ensuring that no one is left behind.



1. To identify, register and categorise artisans across the different sectors of the economy.

2. To provide comprehensive Industry 4.0 compliant and certified training programs including health and safety programmes for various trades such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical work, and many more.

3. To enable artisans access essential tools, equipment and funds to expand their trades.

4. To ensure Nigerian artisans are certified, licensed and operate using standardise: methods and practices.

5. To enhance employment opportunities for artisans in local and international markets.



Join the SUPA revolution and be a part of Nigeria’s journey towards a prosperous future click here to apply.

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Note: The Skill-Up Artisans Programme courses by Federal Government and Industrial Training Fund (ITF) include (but aren’t limited) to the following:

| Crop production

| Poultry

| Farming

| Scaffolding

| Garment making

| Tiling

| Plumbing

| Welding

| Auto mobile

| Pop

| Domestic installations

| Masonry

| Cutting and sewing

| Embroidery and sewing

| Iron reinforcement

| Welding etc.

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