NPower Payment Commencement Date (A Quick Review)

NPower Payment Date

NPower Payment Commencement Date – We find it imperative to address the recurring inquiries regarding the commencement date for the outstanding stipends owed to Npower beneficiaries.


Recall, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu made the decision to suspend NSIPA, which Npower program was one of them months ago (12th January, 2024). This suspension was initiated due to suspicious and irregular activities discovered within the ministry. As part of this process, an investigation was launched, which was intended to last for a period of six (6) weeks. The situation didn’t unfold as we were informed.


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As of now, Npower remains under suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. Consequently, there has been a motion raised at the House of Representatives by Honorable Billy Osawaru, the Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Poverty Alleviation, advocating for the lifting of the suspension.

In the interim, Abel Olumuyiwa Enitan, the Permanent Secretary of the Humanitarian Ministry, has been entrusted with overseeing the affairs of the ministry during this investigative period. His responsibilities are limited to internal operations only, excluding any involvement in Social Investment Programs. It is important to note that his tenure in this position is temporary and restricted.


Regarding outstanding Npower payment, we regret to inform you that updates cannot be provided until the suspension is lifted or further developments occur. While we await President Tinubu’s response to the motion, we remain committed to keeping you informed about any government or private programs that may be beneficial to you.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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